Land of Counts and Abbots

The cultural and natural heritage of El Ripollès, an area closely linked to the roots of our country.

With the monastery of Ripoll and the monastery of Sant Joan de les Abadesses, founded by Guifré in the ninth century, as main arguments, land of Counts and Abbots project offers visitors a fascinating journey through a territory full of resources linked to this period. country foundation. Places where history, culture, religion, art have left a rich heritage, as well as the testimony of extraordinary characters and events to rediscover.

Land of Counts and Abbots includes the heritage elements of Ripoll, Sant Joan de les Abadesses, Campdevànol and Gombrèn. All these places, with monasteries and world-renowned heritage, have also been equipped with the necessary equipment to set up a high-level tourist product, such as the creation of interpretation centers and museum spaces and the adoption of a specific signage.

The visitor can delve into and experience first-hand the history of a territory of the utmost importance in the period of configuration of the Catalan nation, which features characters such as Guifré el Pelós and the abbot Oliba.

A fascinating journey to the origins of Catalonia