Enjoy adventure sports in El Ripollès

At any time of the year, in El Ripollès you will find a wide range of adventure sports, in the middle of an exceptional natural environment.

A great diversity of adventure sports in the nearest Pyrenees

Via ferrata de la Roca de la Creu

In Ribes de Freser, we find the Via ferrata de la Roca de la Creu, an activity that will allow you to experience nature by exercising in a different way. A signposted path equipped with strategically prepared material so that you can enjoy a unique experience without taking any risk.


Via Ferrata


One of the most demanding mountain sports is undoubtedly climbing. In El Ripollès you will find a multitude of climbing sectors with a diversity of routes of all levels. All are located in bucolic spaces such as Montgrony, Ogassa or El Gra de Fajol.


El Ripollès is an idyllic place to practice this discipline, with a great variety of mountains, ridges and corridors of all difficulties.

Mountaineering is a sport that consists of climbing high-level mountains, generally with a degree of difficulty. It is usually considered one of the modalities of mountaineering, it is also a risk sport and that implies factors beyond the practitioner. The meteorology, avalanches and crevasses in glacial areas that it entails are the main factors intrinsic to the environment to take into account.


Do you want to enjoy waterfalls, stone bridges or other spectacular formations across the watercourse? El Ripollès is a region of water where you cannot miss the practice of canyoning.

Canyoning is a high-level activity in which rope techniques must be mastered and the behaviour of living waters in spaces with pools must be well known.

Here you can find some proposals to do in El Ripollès, among many other possibilities.


The orographic and meteorological conditions of Ripollès, make it one of the few areas where you can fly at different times of the year with significant differences. You want detailed information about the area, understand the variations in valley winds and thermal depending on the prevailing wind? Check the map of Hike & Fly del Ripollès.

HIKE & FLY Ripollès