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Culture and heritage in El Ripollès

Exceptional Romanesque heritage, with almost 100 monuments that make El Ripollès one of the densest concentrations of Romanesque in Europe. Everywhere you will find legendary heritage hidden in corners yet to be discovered.

El Ripollès, millennial Romanesque, land of monasteries, churches and castles.


El Ripollès is also known as the Cradle of Catalonia. The history and culture of our land catches you and invites you to keep discovering it. You will know the origin of Catalonia and you will discover a monastery where the history of our territory has been written for more than 10 centuries.

The Cradle of Catalonia

The Romanesque

The richness of Romanesque architecture extends to all corners of the region and the large number of Romanesque makes, with almost 100 monuments, El Ripollès one of the densest concentrations of Romanesque in Europe.

The three main exponents are the Monastery of Santa Maria de Ripoll, the Monastery of Sant Joan de les Abadesses and the Monastery of Sant Pere de Camprodon.

Monasteries of El Ripollès

The essence of high mountain villages

Villages with narrow streets, stone houses with slate roofs, original wooden elements. Postcard towns that, while strolling through its alleys, will make you fall in love with its beauty.

Mountain villages

Museums and interpretation centers

El Ripollès is a land of legends and traditions rooted in the history of the region.

Museums and interpretation centers

Guided tours

Do you want to know the most important monuments in more detail? El Ripollès offers a wide range of guided tours to discover the heritage that surrounds us!


Land of Counts and Abbots

Stroll through the Lands of Count Arnau and Count Guifré el Pilós.

Land of Counts and Abbots

Festivals, events and traditions

In El Ripollès, most public holidays commemorate events related to history, religion and work. In each village they have their own party, where you can experience the most genuine events and other celebrations.


3D virtual tours

Virtual tour of 22 Romanesque churches in El Ripollès.

Virtual tours