Hiking through El Ripollès

El Ripollès is the birthplace of Catalan hiking, a region with a long tradition of hiking and mountaineering. There you will find hundreds of miles of trails with a wide range of routes; we offer you pleasant family walks to long excursions, all of them surrounded by an exceptional natural environment such as the Natural Park of Capçaleres del Ter and Freser. Summit one of the most emblematic peaks in Catalonia: the Puigmal, Bastiments, the Gra de Fajol, the Costabona, the Taga…

Walking through El Ripollès you can disconnect and discover the nearest Pyrenees

Stage crossings

The routes to get to know the territory slowly, following historical paths that have always been traveled.

Stage crossings

The most emblematic peaks

Let yourself be captivated by the scenery, which will amaze you at any time of the year. Climb some of the most emblematic peaks such as the Bastiments, the Puigmal, the Costabona or the Taga, the vast majority are part of the Natural Park of the Capçaleres del Ter and Freser, an idyllic place to discover nature up close.

ITINERÀNNIA, trail network – Ripollès - Garrotxa - Alt Empordà

Signposted path network that connects all the towns in the region recovering historic paths.


Mountain refuges

In El Ripollès we will be able to find a whole series of mountain refuges, all of them located in strategic areas in order to enjoy the mountain to the fullest and offer security and protection to the hiker.


In El Ripollès you will find a thousand and one proposals that will make you enjoy the mountain like never before.
Interpretive itineraries, forest baths, snowshoeing, downhill skiing, mountain guides, via ferratas …


Races and events

El Ripollès has excellent conditions for the practice of sports activities. For this reason, it is one of the counties in Catalonia with the highest number of mountain and mountain bike races. See the full offer at the following link.