Campelles is a small rustic and mountainous village, where peace and silence reign. It has a privileged location from where you can see practically the whole of the Ribes valley: the mountains of the Núria valley, the Balandrau and the Cerverís hill, the Conivella mountain range, the Cavallera mountain range and the imposing Taga. Come and discover its medieval past, enjoy the stunning views it offers you and immerse yourself in the nature that surrounds it.

The municipality of Campelles

  • Origins

    The first written reference to Campelles is from the year 918, in an old document from the Comtal Archive, which mentions the site of Engelados (now Angelados) within the boundaries of the rural town of Campilias, in the Pedrera valley. and within the county of Cerdanya.

  • Did you know that?

    The castle or tower of Campelles began to be built at the end of the twelfth century in a totally strategic place, in the context of the conflicts between the kingdoms of Aragon and Mallorca. This fortress continued in use until the end of the seventeenth century, when it was already badly damaged, and in the seventeenth century it was practically demolished. It was reused and altered during the 19th century in the context of the First Carlist War. And it was buried over the years until, in 2015, the process of recovering this heritage element began with the support of Campelles City Council and Girona Provincial Council.

  • Castle or tower of Campelles

    Castle or tower of Campelles

    The remains of the castle or tower of Campelles, a medieval fortification located on the hill of the town of Campelles, a strategic point of great cultural, historical and landscape interest, from where you can see the valley of Ribes with a view of 360 °.

  • Sant Martí of Campelles

    Sant Martí of Campelles

    The church of Sant Martí de Campelles, an ancient Romanesque church that was founded more than a thousand years ago and that, over the centuries, has undergone various interventions.

  • El Baell

    El Baell

    The town of El Baell, located 5 km south of Campelles and at an altitude of 1,215 m, a quiet place, ideal for rest and direct contact with nature.

  • The chapel of Sant Bartomeu del Baell

    The chapel of Sant Bartomeu del Baell

    The chapel of Sant Bartomeu del Baell, a small chapel with a single nave, built in the 18th century – according to the Baell residents themselves – and located at an altitude of 1,215 m.

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