Vilallonga de Ter

Visitors to the picturesque town of Vilallonga del Ter are captivated by the mystique of its narrow streets with pleasant little squares, and the charm and variety of its numerous neighbourhoods, such as Vallvigil, Comalets, El Cros, Llebro and El Catllar. Its allure is shared by the nearby villages of La Roca, a cultural asset of national interest located on the sunny side of a crag with spectacular views of the Ter; Abella, with its small neighbourhoods and scattered houses; and Tregurà, which, at an altitude of 1,425 metres acts as the Ter Valley’s watchtower.

The municipality of Vilallonga de Ter

  • Origins

    The first record of Vilallonga de Ter dates back to 1011. Properties owned by the monasteries of Ripoll and Camprodon were located within its limits. It formed part of the domain of El Catllar Castle. As its name, from the Medieval Latin villa longa or vila llarga suggests, the town stretches out along its main thoroughfare.

  • Did you know that…?

    Vilallonga de Ter’s famous dragon offers two sound and light shows every day. In the summer months it comes out at 2.00 pm and 10.00 pm and in the winter at 1.00 pm and 9.00 pm. Don’t miss it!

  • Vilallonga de Ter

    Vilallonga de Ter

    The town of Vilallonga de Ter, which, skirting the river Ter, grew around the parish church of Sant Martí, dedicated to Saint Martin of Tours, was first mentioned in 1183.

  • Tregurà


    The village of Tregurà, which offers spectacular views of the valley, and its 10th-century church of Sant Julià de Tregurà, which is dedicated to the archbishop, writer and historian Julian of Toledo.

  • Abella


    The village of La Roca, whose layout still conforms to the walls of its medieval castle. Now mostly lost to history, the sole remnant of the walled enclosure is the chapel of La Pietat.

  • La Roca

    La Roca

  • Vall del Catllar

    Vall del Catllar

    El Catllar Valley, in the very heart of the countryside and crowned by the peak of Les Borregues, with its impressive waterfalls and long and storied history.

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