Roman Road of Capsacosta

“The Roman Road, old road of Capsacosta, was the channel of communication between Besalú and France, via Coll de Ares. It was a first rate road, being one of the few examples in Catalonia, and very well preserved, built using Roman road techniques. Declared a Cultural Heritage Site.

It is a mountain road that demonstrates good engineering, designed with precise works to deal with the difficulties imposed by the topography, with inclines and abrupt zones, and with perfect integration and adaptation into the land in a complex and varied geographic space. The Roman Road of Capsacosta is an authentic work of engineering of monumental importance and an exceptional witness to a historic period of great significance for our country. Created in the time of the Roman Empire, the Roman road of Capsacosta is very easy to follow. Several sections of it are in a good state of preservation. This road was called Annia Road and was a branch of Augusta Road.

The section comprises the part between los Hostalets de San Salvador and the crossroads with the old road of Capsacosta, a little before entering Santo Pablo de Segúries. Due to the engineering works carried out on it and its state of preservation, it can be considered unique in Catalonia, only comparable with the road that connected the Vía Augusta with that of the coast via Coll de Parpers y Mataro.

Appreciate the construction techniques of Roman roads.”


  • 17864, Girona
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