Places for calm and contemplation

VORATER Sant Pau de Segúries

Commune with the River Ter, an experience that fosters your personal well-being based on reconnecting with nature and with oneself in a mindful way.

VORATER seeks to give you the experience of communing with the river. In an endeavour to make you mindful of the experience of the present moment with interest, eagerness and acceptance, this booklet proposes a series of exercises that will help you make that possible: movement , calm, contemplation  and writing. What’s more, some lessons will help you prepare your body and spirit for the experience you are about to embark on.

The trail to Sant Pau de Segúries runs along the banks of the River Ter, along the old royal road to La Ral, where we will be privileged witnesses to the past and the present and the close connection that has existed between nature and humankind since time immemorial. Here, the river shares prominence with new and old infrastructures such as bridges and roads at various points of time in history: from the road to La Ral and the remains of the 14th-century Pont Vell bridge to today’s 19th-century bridge, among others. Natural and human engineering through history that allows the visitor to detach themselves and travel beyond space and time. A burst of centuries-old nature to put our five senses to the test and understand the forest and nature in its own and natural evolution.

At the Sant Pau de Segúries town hall and Camprodon Tourist Office you will find the available materials that will accompany you in this experience.


Oficina de Turisme de Camprodon