Places for calm and contemplation


Anyone who has had the opportunity to enjoy some quiet time by the riverside knows the meaning of words such as relaxation, serenity, peace and harmony. The sound of the water, birdsong, the rustling of the breeze and the creaking of the branches compose a natural melody that fosters people’s well-being and improves their overall health. Science supports the belief that contact with nature has preventive, therapeutic and restorative properties and is imperative for nurturing our physical, emotional and social balance.

Simply put, our goal is to make you aware and mindful of everything that is happening while it is happening and to actively embrace the flow of life as you are living it.

The four VORATER trails to Camprodon, Sant Pau de Segúries, Sant Joan de les Abadesses and Ripoll feature five places for calm and contemplation, as well as exercises corresponding to each point.

At the tourist offices, you will find the available materials that will accompany you in this experience:


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