Santa Maria de Matamala

It is located at the top of a hill next to the vicariate from which a beautiful panoramic view can be enjoyed. The original building dates from the 12th century. In the 16th century, the church was totally renovated. The entrance portal was changed, the bell-tower was erected, along with a square layout construction with windows on the upper floor. A Romanesque image of the Virgin Mary, probably cut in the late 12th century, is housed in the Vic Episcopal Museum.

Before the year 1000, a dozen parishes sprung up and were scattered throughout the municipality that is now Les Llosses.

Each parish was therefore a small autonomous town. Different additions over history have changed the municipal limits, which were finalised in 1991. This is why we find so many churches spread out over our municipality.

Where to enjoy some wonderful panoramic views and gaze at Pedraforca from afar.


  • 17512, Girona
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