Via ferrada of Roca de la Creu

In Ribes de Freser, we find the Via Ferrada of Roca de la Creu, an activity that will allow you to experience nature by exercising in a different way. A signposted path equipped with strategically prepared material so that you can enjoy a unique experience without running any risk.

It is a route traced on the rock wall, equipped in such a way as to allow the user to self-secure a protection system (lifeline cable) against falls, using a power sink, carabiners, harness and helmet . It has elements to help you progress, such as steps and hand or foot grips.

The via ferrata and the equipped road of Ribes de Freser have a maximum difficulty of K3, which involves having to do strength with hands and feet, but which is accessible with a normal physical condition and for children from 10 years and 45 kg of weight. Children under 45 kg must be secured with the rope.


Via Ferrada of Roca de la Creu:

Mandatory material: Harness with via ferrata heatsink and helmet

Recommended material:

– Accident and liability insurance
– Mountain footwear and sportswear adapted to the weather
– Rope and securing equipment
– Gloves
– Small backpack with whistle and water
– Mobile phone for emergencies

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