Tregurà - Church of Sant Julià

The church’s oldest known documents correspond to the 10th century and in the late 17th century and early 19th century it underwent a great transformation: the disappearance of the apse, construction of a new facade, the bell-tower and the canopy, the nave being the only remaining part of the original church, albeit also very transformed by the finishes and stuccoes.

Church which can be accessed by the west part through the cemetery. The facade, built in the later stage and quite recent, distorts the Romanesque origin of the church and supports the tower-shaped belfry. Attached to the church there is a large house (vicariate). The apse was also transformed, converting it into a square shaped presbytery. From the Romanesque era, the interior preserves only the nave.

Some impressive views of the Camprodon Valley.


  • GIV-5265, 12, 17869 Vilallonga de Ter, Girona
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