Dòrria - Church of Sant Víctor

For a long time it was believed that St Victor in Dòrria dated from the XI and XII century but it had been much modified through the time. However, after the finding of the Romanesque wall paintings it was considered that one part of the current walls come from the X century when the church was first consecrated, consequently it is pre-Romanesque.
The church has an only nave with a rectangular apse which is not separated.
Later on the roofing was replaced by the sharp pointed, the nave was extended and the door position was charged. Outside, next to the actual entrance, we can see the remains of the original door in the shape of horseshoe arch.
The paintings on the walls come from the XII century .The chan’cel is presided by “Maiestas Domini” surrounded by the symbols of the Evangelists. On each side there are the archangels Michael and Grabiel and on the walls the Apostles. On the triumphal Arch two of the signs of the zodiac are kept: Sagitarius and Geminis.

At 1550 metres above sea level, Dòrria, which thanks to its great beauty has been declared a cultural asset of national interest, has retained its high-mountain charm and in the church of Sant Víctor Romanesque paintings from the 12th century are preserved.


  • 17536 Dòrria, Girona
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