Sant Pere d’Aüira

Church established by the Bishop of Vic, san Bernat Calbó and rebuilt in the 13th century on a previous building. It consists of a single rectangular nave ending with a semi-circular apse. In the 17th century, the two side chapels were added and the building came to have a Latin cross layout. We can see the difference in the ashlars used in the apse, which are better cut, and those of the rest of the nave, which are more irregular and is due to the different construction stages.
Situated at the summit approximately 1.100 metres altitude, it offers an exceptional panoramic view of a large part of El Ripollès, with some views reaching as far as Pedraforca.

Romanesque church dating from 1150, situated in the outskirts of the town of Campdevànol. It has some exceptional views of the county.


  • 17530 Campdevànol, Girona
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