Church of la Mare de Déu of el Carme and Sant Cristòfol of Nevà

“Nevà is a town founded before the year 1000 on a small plain which old documents called Nevà Valley. It comprises two centres. One, where the current parish church is, had been the walled enclosure or castle, as can still be seen by the presence of an arrow split on the facade of a house. The other one is the poor quarter, around the Church of San Cristóbal, which preserves the bell-tower amidst the tombs of the cemetery.

Church of Virgin Mary of Carme of Nevà

The tucked away nature of the town of Nevà, far from the main channels of communication, has led it to be seen as a refuge for witches or Cathars. A stone engraved with a rhomboid sign at the bell-tower of Nuestra Señora de Carme of Nevà is interpreted as a witness of the Cathars, pure Christians who took refuge in the Pyrenees during the 13th century.

Church of San Cristóbal of Nevà

This church is currently demolished, despite the fact that the bell-tower among the cemetery tombs is preserved.”


  • Nevà, Toses
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