Church of Sant Marti of Campelles

“It was founded around 1,000 years ago. The church was already consolidated from the 13th century. Around the year 1000, the church was a Romanesque style building with a single altar and a tower and belfry. The first significant change to the initial structure came around 1368, with the inauguration of two new altars (St. Miquel and Sta Maria), totalling three altars (with the San Martín one).

In 1760 there were five altars: St. Martí, St. Miquel, Sta. Roser, St. Cristo and St. Francesc Xavier. Most of these altars could not be used for mass. A renovation was carried out due to the fire caused by French troops during the Great War (1793-1795). The resulting church was opened in 1799.

Old Romanesque church that was founded over one thousand years ago and that, over the centuries, has undergone several interventions.”


  • Plaça de l'Església, s/n, 17534 Campelles, Girona
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