Church of Sant Jaume of Queralbs

With its narrow streets and stone houses with slate roofs and original wooden details, Queralbs epitomises the charm of high-mountain villages. Puigmal, Balandrau, Torreneules and other peaks encircle the municipality, through which the Freser and Núria rivers gush down to the bottom of the valley.

In the village we find Sant Jaume’s church. The church was consecrated in the X century and two centuries later it was rebuilt due to the increase of the population. The building which has one single nave is covered with a sharp-pointed vault, as the previous one was damaged by an earthquake in 1428 . Later on, the sacristy and the bell tower were added and the nave was enlarged. Also there were built two side chapels that make a small crossing .Like the church of Santa Cecilia the apse is narrower than the nave .

The most outstanding part of the church is the porch consisting of six arcades held by blue marble columns.0n the spire we can notice human, animal and imaginary sculptures. They have a clear influence of the sculptural style in Roselló.

Sant Jaume de Queralbs’s church, which was mentioned for the first time in 978 and rebuilt in the 12th century, has one of the best arched porches of Catalan Romanesque architecture.


  • Carrer de L'Església, 10, 17534 Queralbs, Girona
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