Church of Sant Esteve in Llanars

The church was built in the XII century and lately the side chapels and the Sacristy were added. The building has an only nave covered with a sharp-pointed barrel vault and an apse not centered to the axis. Both inside and outside walls are different either in decoration or the kind of stone used. The front facade has a portrait that reminds the one in St Cristofol of Beget although slightly more discrete .We notice four corbels which means in the past there must have been a kind of porch to protect the entrance. The bell tower is squared with pyramidal roofing but originally it was a bell gable one. It is also worth noticing the iron work at the door.

The most important element inside the church is the wooden Altar front as it is the only one in the area which is kept in the same place it was made. It stands out the wall painting rarely found in Romanesque Altars. It shows the Pantocrator circled by the Mystical theology and the symbols of the Evangelists. On the sides we can see the episodes of St. Esteve’s life: His appointment as deacon and his lapidation and on the right it is pictured the moment his burial hiding was revealed and the location of the grave.


  • Carrer de la Font, 25, 23, 17869 Llanars, Girona

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