Rocabruna Castle

It is built on a hill with a good view of the Beget Valley, the Alta Garrotxa and Coll de Ares, Coll Profundo and Coll de Malrem.

It is an architectural complex made up of several buildings fortified and surrounded by a perimeter wall that works as an exterior wall.

It is mentioned for the first time in a document from the year 1070. A decent part of the walls that divided the sections that formed part of the fortress can still be seen. Part of what was the castle chapel, a rectangular shaped nave, a circular base tower and an open tower with a rectangular floor with some arrow splits that still remain today.

The monument can currently be visited and offers a tour with information via explanatory panels and several points that act as lookouts.

Architectural complex with some magnificent views.


  • GIV-5223, 17867 Camprodon, Girona
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