Hostal Restaurant el Forn

The charming village of Beget is considered to be one of Catalonia's prettiest and most welcoming! Stroll along its narrow streets and over its bridges and find the peace you need to escape the stresses of fast-paced city life.

Beget's El Forn restaurant is synonymous with fine dining among beautiful natural and cultural heritage. Its dining rooms are replete with history and art! It has two dining rooms, a covered terrace with magnificent views of the river and an open-air terrace.

An allergen information sheet is available to diners.

The dishes of its cuisine are prepared with local products according to traditional recipes and most are home-made on the premises, which is why the chefs know everything there is to know about all the ingredients used, from source to table. They strive to maintain the flavours of cannelloni (meat or vegetable), stuffed potatoes, salads, vegetables, kidney beans, as well as meat dishes and stews such as duck with pears, roast lamb, chicken with prunes, cod with raisins or wild mushrooms, pig's trotters, snails, and rabbit with figs, and last but not least, home-made desserts, including crème brûlée, coffee crème caramel with Baileys, cheesecake, and cottage cheese.

Be sure to make El Forn part of your visit to Beget!


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