Products of El Ripollès

To enter El Ripollès is to enjoy its natural and cultural environment, its landscape, and its history and tradition. The products of the land tell us about the mountain and the plain, the work of the field and the peasantry, the pantry and the workshop. El Ripollès has a rich local agri-food offer:

orchard and livestock products, sausages and cheeses, sweets, biscuits, honey and Camprodon biscuits … All combine the most ingrained artisanal tradition with the newest trends in food production and traceability. Sample of all this, is the guarantee mark of Product of El Ripollès.

Herds of cows, mares, sheep and goats that graze in the natural spaces of our villages. Made by artisans with the best quality meat in butchers and workshops in the region. Trumps rooted in a long tradition and a way of working the land. Milk and dairy products with the usual flavor. Coca del Ripollès designed for the sweetest moments and made in our bakeries and pastry shops. All in all, a pantry of sensations and unique products that will reach your heart.

Discover the magic of our land and taste it!