On the banks of the River Rigat in one of the outermost areas of El Ripollès lies the municipality of Toses, a village tiered on the mountainside, surrounded by unique Pyrenean countryside and full of places to discover.
Revel in nature as you walk through our woodland and meadows, hike along our paths and trails, and stroll through the small villages of Toses, Nevà, Dòrria and Fornells to visit our churches and sample our local culinary delights.

El municipi de Toses

  • Origins

    The village or, as it used to be known, barony of Toses is one of the oldest villages in the Ribes valley, tracing its history as far back as the year 839. Toses Castle was the jurisdictional centre of a district that encompassed the entire valley.

  • Did you know that…?

    In the municipality of Toses there are around a hundred bunkers that belonged to the Pyrenees line, which was planned as a defensive shield in the early 1940s. It acted as a border control to keep the threat of the Second World War at bay.

  • The village of Toses

    The village of Toses

    The village of Toses, home to the Romanesque church of Sant Cristòfol de Toses, which contains some exceptional paintings from the late 12th century and a recently restored Baroque altarpiece from the 17th–18th centuries, and the chapel of Santa Magdalena de Toses.

  • Dòrria


    At 1550 metres above sea level, Dòrria, which thanks to its great beauty has been declared a cultural asset of national interest, has retained both its high-mountain charm and the church of Sant Víctor with its 12th-century Romanesque paintings.

  • Nevà


    In Nevà we find the evocative ruins of the old Romanesque church of Sant Cristòfol that take visitors back to the time when the village was a Cathar refuge, and the 18th-century church of La Mare de Déu del Carme, neatly integrated into Nevà’s rural landscape.

  • Fornells de la Muntanya

    Fornells de la Muntanya

    The village of Fornells de la Muntanya, located at the bottom of the valley at an altitude of 1,280 metres above sea level, is home to a small church dedicated to Saint Martin featuring a stairway up to the east facade and a robust bell gable.

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