Setcases is a picturesque village whose houses and narrow cobbled streets have been faithfully restored, embodying the very essence of a Pyrenean high-mountain idyll. It lies at the gateway to Capçaleres del Ter i del Freser Natural Park, which for many years has been a must for mountain and nature lovers and an exceptional setting for both winter sports, thanks to the mountain resort of Vallter 2000, and summer family holidays and outdoor activities such as hiking and cycling in its beautiful countryside. Explore its heritage and culture. Enjoy locally sourced cuisine at its wide range of restaurants.

The municipality of Setcases

  • Origins

    Legend has it that a shepherd and his seven sons, who had never been up in the mountains, stopped at the plain of Els Hospitalets to pasture their sheep. After two days there, snowflakes started to fall. The children were amazed, for they had never seen snow, and ran to tell their father, who was blind. He explained to them that it was snow and it would soon cover all the grass and the sheep would die of hunger. So they started to go back down and the shepherd decided that they would stop where they found elder growing. And that is where they stayed… Each one of the seven sons built a cabin, giving rise to the village’s name, which literally means seven houses.

  • Did you know that…?

    Throughout the village you will find plaques explaining historical and heritage curiosities… Discover the secrets of Setcases!

  • Sant Miquel

    Sant Miquel

    This Romanesque church dates back to the 12th century. Today, you can see parts of the building from the 17th century, such as the nave, the chapels and the sacristy. The roof and the old wooden vault were rebuilt in 1728 after they had been destroyed in a fire.
    The Baroque altarpiece is high altar is an excellent example of the lavish ornamentation of the Catalan Baroque. It reflects a variety of different historiated subjects. It is one of the few altarpieces that survived the Civil War and was restored in 1983.

  • La Creueta

    La Creueta

    A short 10-minute stroll where you can enjoy one of the best views of Setcases, with an elevation gain of just 50 metres and a distance of just over 300 metres.

  • Setcases viewpoints

    Setcases viewpoints

    El forat de l’Olla, El collet de Xuriguera, La Baidana and El balcó de la Costa Brava are four of the many viewpoints located in Setcases. Find them on the map to see the municipality from privileged locations!

  • Ulldeter refuge hut

    Ulldeter refuge hut

    The original refuge hut at Ulldeter, 2,393 metres above sea level, was opened on 25 July 1909, becoming Spain’s first mountain refuge hut. It was built in the noucentista style and remained in use until the Spanish Civil War. Now mostly in ruins, its site is commemorated with a plaque.

  • Vallter 2000

    Vallter 2000

    Enjoy Vallter 2000 all year round! Kilometres of skiing just over two hours from Barcelona! In the summer, Vallter is a mountain resort with fun activities for everyone! It lies in the middle of the natural park, which you can discover by taking the chairlift up to the source of the River Ter, taking a family hike or climbing to the top of one our most emblematic peaks: Gra de Fajol, Bastiments, Pic de la Dona, Costabona… Or if two wheels are your thing, the ride up the mountain pass is quite a challenge!

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