Les Llosses

This municipality covers a very extensive area, more than 100 km2, but has just 220 inhabitants, who, furthermore, live in a number of different scattered hamlets! It is home to incredible scenery, historically almost impregnable paths and a diverse cultural heritage just waiting to be discovered. Walk, explore, discover, witness how the seasons change the appearance of the countryside and sample the territory’s traditional fare.

The municipality of les Lloses

  • Origins

    Before the year 1000, a dozen parishes scattered around the area made up what is now the municipality of Les Llosses. Each parish, therefore, constituted a small village with its own life. Various aggregations over the course of history changed the municipal limits until its present condition in 1991. This explains why there are so many churches distributed around the municipality.

  • Did you know that…?

    Les Llosses is one of the places with the richest heritage in El Ripollès.

  • Natural environment

    Natural environment

    Les Llosses is full of surprises at every time of year. Enjoy its beautiful autumnal ochres, reds and yellows as you walk through its deciduous woods, see how the natural world comes back to life in the spring or bask in the warmth of the summer sun as you explore its leafy forests.

  • Santa Maria de les Llosses

    Santa Maria de les Llosses

    This 12th-century Romanesque church, which was renovated in the 16th century, has a single nave with a pointed barrel vault. The outside is decorated with Lombard-style arcading, while inside you can see how the walls were modified to allow the installation of its three chapels.

  • Santa Maria de Matamala

    Santa Maria de Matamala

    This church was built with a single nave and a barrel vault finished with an apse. Between the 17th and 19th centuries it underwent numerous changes, but its original Romanesque style can still be seen in its arches and internal chapels.

  • Sant Sadurní de Sovelles

    Sant Sadurní de Sovelles

    This Baroque church, which is included in the Catalan Archaeological Heritage Inventory, was built in the 18th century and features a rectangular plan with side chapels and a curious rectangular bell tower.

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