Places for calm and contemplation

VORATER Sant Joan de les Abadesses

Commune with the River Ter, an experience that fosters your personal well-being based on reconnecting with nature and with oneself in a mindful way.

VORATER seeks to give you the experience of communing with the river. In an endeavour to make you mindful of the experience of the present moment with interest, eagerness and acceptance, this booklet proposes a series of exercises that will help you make that possible: movement , calm, contemplation  and writing. What’s more, some lessons will help you prepare your body and spirit for the experience you are about to embark on.

In the case of Sant Joan de les Abadesses, the trail runs parallel to the Arçamala stream until it meets the River Ter. It is a route around the town centre, It is a winding route around the town centre, brimming with beautiful spot such as the mill, the public washing place and the bridge, where you can get a better grasp of the profund connection with and dependence on this ever-treasured asset, which is water. A trail where this close relationship between humankind and nature allows you to see, experience and enjoy this place of shared contact.

At the Sant Joan de les Abadesses Tourist Office you will find the available materials that will accompany you in this experience


Oficina de Turisme de Sant Joan de les Abadesses