Places for calm and contemplation

VORATER Camprodon

Commune with the River Ter, an experience that fosters your personal well-being based on reconnecting with nature and with oneself in a mindful way.

VORATER seeks to give you the experience of communing with the river. In an endeavour to make you mindful of the experience of the present moment with interest, eagerness and acceptance, this booklet proposes a series of exercises that will help you make that possible: movement , calm, contemplation  and writing. What’s more, some lessons will help you prepare your body and spirit for the experience you are about to embark on.

Camprodon is home to the mature forest of the Roureda de Can Pascal oak grove, which occupies a large part of La Rovira hill. It is an area of outstanding ecological, forest and landscape value, with large-leaved oaks and many specimens over 200 years old. The route, which is not hard at all, entails a gentle ascent from the Font del Vern spring to La Rovira, at an elevation of 1,158 metres. Although this route does not run alongside the river, we are close to the confluence of the River Ritort and the River Ritortell, which flow into the Ter in the middle of the town.

A burst of centuries-old nature to put our five senses to the test and understand the forest and nature in its own and natural evolution.

At the Camprodon Tourist Office you will find the available materials that will accompany you in this experience.


Oficina de Turisme de Camprodon