Write like in the Middle Ages

Be a copyist monk

Write like a monk in the Middle Ages!
Whether you are big or small, you will learn how to make a parchment, how to get a goose feather to write, how to bind a medieval codex, and most importantly, once the visit is over, you can become a monk copyist, putting into practice what you have learned in the exhibition.


Ethnographic Museum of Ripoll

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The first ethnographic museum in Catalonia! A route, interesting for young and old, that allows you to discover the recent past and the identity of a territory and also recognize a way of living and feeling

Includes guided tour plus workshop.


  • Plaça de l’Abat Oliba, s/n - Ripoll
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  • In the exhibition yes, in the workshop no.
  • 1h
  • Number of people to be determined due to the current situation.
  • Contact the Museum to arrange a visit.