Paths of exile

Self-guided route

It is a 58 km long circular cross-border route that follows in the footsteps of Republican exiles at the end of the Spanish Civil War fleeing Franco’s troops to France (1939) and the Jewish exodus during World War II of Nazism to Spain (1940-1944). The route crosses the mountains of the Pyrenees Orientales between the Catalan counties of Ripollès (province of Girona) and the French sub-region of Alt Vallespir (Languedoc-Roussillon region).

Requirements to participate in the proposal: good physical condition and experience in the mountains.


Camins Pedres i Cel Association

Who are we?

We invite the visitor to become an actor, satisfying their needs for escape, participation and interaction with the nature, history and culture of the territory. The strength of the narrative adapted to the theme and combined with the mystery, creates instant visions that generate pleasure and unforgettable memories.

Contact person: Pilar Gutiérrez


  • Espinavell
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More information

  • No
  • Between 4 and 6 hours
  • From 6 people to 12 people
  • The whole year