Ravine near the town of Bruguera (Ripollès.) average/advanced level ravine, ravine where you will enjoy the flora and fauna that surrounds us, this ravine combines many rappels from 4 meters up to 30 meters, many of these rappels will leave us impressed, most prominently in the arch rappel, you will understand why it is called that and how it came to be formed, Descent where we will also have to overcome jumps, slides and handrails. Who knows with a bit of luck we may see the newt of the Pyrenees, a very protected species, where it can only be seen in small strongholds in our territory.

Come and enjoy with Pyrenees Extrem of this ravine.

Price: €50/person (includes: helmet, halter, anchor heads and eight, neoprene, boots, insurance for doing the activity, photographic report, refreshments after the activity).

A company that offers a very personalized and differentiating service: we offer activities for small groups, avoiding crowded groups, with the maximum security guarantees and adapted to any level and physical condition.

The objective of all the activities is to transmit the passion for the natural environment and, for the mountains, in particular. In Pyrenees they will participate in great experiences!