Family holidays in El Ripollès: recapture your childhood

Turisme Familiar al Ripollès

In El Ripollès you have the chance to recapture your childhood, to feel like you did as a small child when you were taken to discover the wonderful places you still remember after all these years. We are the cradle of family tourism, and we want to pique your interest so you’ll be excited to come and take part in a whole range of family activities: from discovering places together and enjoying our natural and cultural heritage to sharing unique experiences that we are sure you’ll want to repeat.

We’ll start in Ribes de Freser, where you can meet the popular character Met of Ribes. This friendly rover will allow you to meet 13 figures of Met hidden in different places in the town of Ribes and to discover its history and natural and cultural heritage.

Our next recommendation is a journey back in time for the whole family, which you can start by downloading the Retirada web app. With a dog named Clou-Clou as your guide to the routes, you will travel back to the turbulent years of the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939). Five different routes for you to learn, in an educational and highly participative manner, how this conflict affected Camprodon and its population. Another unbeatable way of enjoying the region with the kids is a visit to Capçaleres del Ter i del Freser Natural Park, where they can become explorers of the park and discoverers of its hidden secrets.

Another opportunity to see the extent to which the military marked the development of the region is the game of Paths and Battles, which enables you to interpret the heritage that remains in the Camprodon Valley and explain it to the children. It consists of three stories that describe medieval warfare in the 11th century, modern warfare in the 17th century and today’s wars, with routes that allow you to experience a number of key episodes in a highly educational manner.

And without moving too far away, you can meet the junior detectives ofthe Camprodon Valley, who will help you discover its villages in an entertaining way by solving puzzles, discovering mysteries and visiting beautiful sites. The fun family activities organised by the Ethnographic Museum of Ripoll also include mysteries, as well as treasure hunts and workshops and a secret mission to save the fish on display there.

Encanteri a Ripoll

You can also discover a wealth of old stories as a family in our rivers, which fill everywhere they flow through with life. What’s more, there are four spirits that keep this enchantment alive, which, of course, it is up to you to find! You do so in a fun game of cards and discovery in which the game board is the region, with challenges located at different points in the towns of Camprodon, Sant Pau de Segúries, Sant Joan de les Abadesses and Ripoll.

And if you’ve come with the kids, you can’t leave without spending a day at Molló animal park. Molló Parc is on the edge of a natural park in the mountains, where you will be surrounded by animals in semi-wild conditions: wolves, bears, marmots, lynxes, wild boars… And also farm animals. As you walk through the natural environment you can see more than 30 different species of animals indigenous to the Catalan Pyrenees. This is an ideal activity for children, but also for adults, because our love of animals and nature does not diminish with age.

And as if that were not enough, it is also home to Molló Parc Aventura, which offers a wide variety of acrobatic circuits and zip-lines over the trees. And not far away, in Campdevànol, there is also Estiula Aventura, a surprising adventure park that is ideal for families, groups of friends, school outings, birthday parties and any other event or celebration. In any case, before leaving Molló you should visit Can Pastoret, a farm in the mountains which, in addition to growing crops and raising livestock, offers workshops and activities for the whole family in which you can discover what the life of a shepherd is like or how to make cottage cheese or a home-made pizza.

In a rural idyll like El Ripollès, you can find fun everywhere, and the skiing resorts of Vallter 2000, La Molina and Vall de Núria not only offer the best snow in the winter season, but also include theme parks to ensure that a day’s skiing in the snow is the perfect family activity!

The Vallter 2000 and Vall de Núria resorts exemplify the region’s vocation for active and family tourism, given that they are both certified as Family Tourism Destinations by the Catalan Tourist Board. The Camprodon Valley has also been officially recognised as a Nature and Mountain Family Holiday destination.

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