VORATER routes in El Ripollès, places of calm and observation

Hiking is a well-known activity in El Ripollès: nature, mountains and peaks are its main attraction. However, the county of El Ripollès is also a land of water, with valleys shaped by watercourses that offer spaces rich in natural and cultural heritage.

Riberes del Ter a Sant Pau de Segúries

Aquests espais fluvials sempre han estat llocs ideals per passejar amb tranquil·litat vora el riu, pausat. Qui These river areas have always been ideal places for a leisurely stroll along the bank. Whoever has had the opportunity to enjoy a quiet moment on the banks of a river undoubtedly knows the meaning of words like relaxation, serenity, peace and harmony. In fact, scientific studies have shown that contact with nature has a preventive, therapeutic and rehabilitative effect, and is essential in promoting our physical, emotional and social well-being.

The VORATER areas in El Ripollès not only provide access to this rich river heritage but also help to recover it through innovative practices that allow us to reconnect with the river and its natural environment.

Forest bathing, mindful walking, silent contemplation of a landscape or strolls along the riverbank are age-old yet forgotten practices that are now once again playing an essential role in our well-being. That is why the common thread of the VORATER routes are the places of calm and observation: sites of high landscape and sensory quality that allow us to enjoy the visit with all five senses, and in three aspects – education, psychological well-being and physical well-being, to bring us closer to concepts such as reconnection, mindfulness, well-being and resilience.

VORATER Calma i observació

These routes are not about the typical, linear walking route, but focus on journeying to spots specially chosen as places in which to just “be” and engage in health and well-being activities. Each route, therefore, is a guide to reach these points, not necessarily in a sequential way, but as a tool for each individual intention or need

On each of the four VORATER routes in Camprodon, Sant Pau de Segúries, Sant Joan de les Abadesses and Ripoll, you will find five places of calm and observation, and the exercises corresponding to each point, which will enable you to enjoy an experience of well-being in nature for improved quality of life.

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