Angelats Hotel

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The place of Angelats, goes back to a settlement in the year 918, where it is mentioned in an old document of the count archive of the rural town of Campelles.

The following vestiges take place in 1942, when Jesus Batlló built this house to spend the summers with his family. This house, of very characteristic English and Victorian leisure, will mark the architecture, customs and character of the family for generations.

The most characteristic examples of the house, where you can see the visionary character of Batlló, are the double carpentry to combat the cold, steam heating in the corners of the rooms, the absence of edges on the ceilings of the rooms , and the arch as a predominant form in doors and windows.


Angelats Hotel

HUTG-018289 (Actualment tramitada llicencia de 2 estrelles)
In the ancient forest of Angelats, is the renovated manor house of the Batlló family, dating from the eighteenth century. Nature, history, gastronomy and hospitality are echoed in every corner of the estate, to feel a unique experience in the Pyrenees.

A sensory experience, in a privileged enclave in Ribes de Freser.

The Angelats brand encompasses, the feeling of home, the feeling of inner consciousness and the feeling of good taste. With KM0 products and a sustainability policy to minimize the footprint on the environment and promote the values ​​of a sustainable culture.

Angelats has 17 rooms. Each room is unique and unrepeatable. Dressed in natural fabrics, noble wood and local materials, they show unique spaces full of charm and history.

In Angelats we can find La Santa Restaurant, Bar and Lounge, in the walls and arches of the old family church. With panoramic views of the valley, its philosophy is product, quality and service. The cuisine is set in the traditional recipes of Ripollès, with the cosmopolitan Catalan freshness. They have 100% plant based options and their methodology is slow food.

Immerse yourself in the five senses, in the ancient forest with a story at every step. Discover with the help of its flora and fauna, its two best kept secrets. El Roure Mil·lenari and La Cascada, inside the estate. Enjoy your routes and walks, without leaving the hotel.

Els Angelats is committed to ecological and environmentally responsible tourism, with a consistent policy that encourages responsible consumption and promotes the sustainable exploitation of the rural environment.
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